Upgrade windows 10 home to education

I've just bought a new notebook that has Windows 10 Home. I just found out that I have Windows 10 Edu edition through my University and I was wondering if I can upgrade directly from the Home version to that version ? I hope I don't need to reinstall my Windows I've just spent 2 days installing all the software that I need. Thank you ! Originally purchased with Windows 8 Home, but I upgraded to Window 10 Pro via a purchased memory stick! The 1703 downgraded it to Home. On the other hand my Laptop which originally had Windows 7 Pro, upgraded to Windows 8.1 Pro and then to Windows 10 Pro via a purchased memory stick stuck with Window 10 Pro after the upgrade. Features you will love. Windows 10 Education equips you with the tools to pursue your passions, develop better connections, and make the most of your time. Stay Safe Protect your PC with built-in security features and ongoing security updates. Work Smarter Get more done with improved multitasking, multiple windows snapping, Night Light, and more. Oct 05, 2017 · With the Fall Creators Update, Microsoft is making it easier to switch between Windows 10 Education and Enterprise. Switching between the two will no longer require rebooting a machine. Aug 07, 2015 · Baik Windows 10 Home, Pro, Enterprise, dan Education memiliki fitur utama (Core Experiences) yang sama. User Interface, User Experience, Start Menu, dan fitur utama lain seperti Cortana, Windows Hello, Virtual Desktop, Continuum, atau bahkan juga browser Edge semuanya ada. The Upgrading to Windows 10 Education page will appear in a new tab/window. Click on the link that matches your situation and follow the instructions to install Windows 10 Education. NOTE: The upgrade process to Windows 10 Education may take quite a long time so be sure you have a couple of hours before starting.