Fire emblem three houses tea guide

Aug 16, 2019 · Fire Emblem Three Houses Lost Items - All Lost Items in Fire Emblem Three Houses. This guide rounds up all the Fire Emblem Three Houses lost items, so you know which characters to deliver them to. Aug 19, 2019 · This section covers the best tea and conversation topics to use during a Tea Party event in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. To enable a Tea Party, you must complete a quest in Chapter 4 from Ferdinand ... Jul 25, 2019 · Fire Emblem: Three Houses offers an incredible amount of choice both on and off the battlefield alongside a thrilling story. ... a turn-based strategy game — if they’re not your cup of tea ... Serenes Forest > Three Houses > Monastery > Tea Party This is a mini-game available after clearing the “Tea for Two” quest from Chapter 4 (7th month). While exploring the monastery, when you speak to characters from your own house or other characters with a C or higher support rank, there will be an option to invite them for a tea party.