Rimworld animal hauling

Sep 11, 2016 · Each animal have aproximately 10% chance per every ingame hour to do one haul task. So for them - strength in numbers :) I recommend breed husky for hauling - they are don't leave dirt as bears and faster then them. Bears better keep locked and released for fight. IMHO. Jan 12, 2017 · Animals don't look very far for hauling jobs (or anything really), you are never going to get them reliably hauling from across the map. That's just a limitation you have to deal with. What? that's completly untrue. Distance is not a factor at all for hauling, especially with animals. Sep 06, 2018 · Their hauling is random and just makes more work for the colonists by having to clean up after them and re-haul food to the 'no animal zone' freezer. So despite having to create bedrooms for more colonists and manage their needs, isn't it better to just have more colonists to feed that can prioritize hauling, than having animals that don't focus and act randomly and consume kibble like it's going out of style? Once you have enough animals, you can ignore hauling as a job altogether and utilize your colonists time for more skill-based and productive tasks. Any pack animal that has the intelligence necessary for hauling can be trained to do so eventually. For cleaning, you will inevitably run into a colonist that you don't really need for anything.I have 10 hauling labs and I'm trying to switch to bears because they are basically way better in combat. If you manage your stockpiles and allowed zones well, you can use animals to drop stuff near your intended stockpile.Animals trained in hauling will haul just as colonists do, although each species has a specific carrying capacity according to its size. Only species of sufficient size can haul, but the size required is less than it is for rescuing, meaning some animals can haul items but cannot rescue. Animals will perform hauling intermittently. Combat