Mw antenna tuner

Boost your favorite stations while rejecting images, intermod, and phantom signals! The MFJ-956 Pre-Selector/Antenna Tuner greatly improves reception from .15 to 30 MHz -- especially below 2MHz. It has tuner bypass/ground receiver positions. The MFJ-956 measures a compact 2 x 3 x 4 inches. mAT-40 outdoor automatic antenna tuner . The mAT-40 is an outdoor weatherproof longwire and vertical wire tuner. A single wing nut antenna connector is on the tuner rear. Connection via control cables to Icom, Kenwood, or Yaesu transceivers for control of the tuner from the radio front panel. Uses 50 ohm coax for feedline. MFJ 16010 long wire antenna tuner Quantum Phaser A well built and highly useful tool for MW DX. LW too, although not intended to function on LW. DX Engineering RPA-1 low noise RF preamp MCL ZSC-3-2 3-way splitter .01-30 Mhz Alpha-Delta DX-SWL Sloper (outdoor MW/SW antenna with resonator coils) Build a Tuned Loop. by Chris Ridley. How can you vastly improve your Medium Wave reception? its quite simple really, all you need is 120 foot of wire, a few lengths of timber and an old tuning capacitor with which you can build the answer to every DX'ers prayers, a tuned loop antenna.