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Note: The information in this article applies to the most current functionality available in Microsoft Forms. Like most modern software, the Microsoft Forms experience is frequently updated to add new functionality and to improve existing features. Please check back periodically for new and recently updated questions and answers.Microsoft Volume Licensing 6 | Online Service Reservations for Enterprise Agreements 7. The link will take you to the Office 365 admin center where you can view a Get Started Quick video, Service health dashboard and admin shortcuts. Existing Online Services for Enterprise customersAsk a question about privacy at Microsoft Please select the option that best matches your issue. I'm having trouble signing into my Microsoft Account or I think my account has been hacked Hello, I have googled like over an hour now and i havent got any answers to these two questions : What is the current contact list size (the number of personas you can add to your contact list) ? The best info i could get was from year 2005 and then it was 150/250. Is there any 'bot' license ... · The max number of contacts a bot (agent) can have ...Order History Page Description. To use everything on this website, turn on cookies in your browser settings.