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Medex Home Nursing Care Services. Complete information of Medex Home Nursing Care Services available here including contact number, address, timing and list of doctors sitting in a hospital. Read the best available details of Medex Home Nursing Care Services with doctors' faculty and timings. Patients can receive health care services in the home. South City Hospital provides patients with their discharge summary when they leave the hospital. If you require your full medical report, please contact the medical director. The page is based on the basic information about the notorious hospital of Karachi, South City Hospital. Dental Services has a very important role in our lives as healthy mouth is your great asset. AlKhaleej dental clinics brings you the best & the most experienced dentist in karachi. We care for your smile. No surprise, with its trendy and way-out home decor. St. George is one of Staten Island's Top 5 neighborhoods with the most overdose-related deaths. Drug Rehabilitation Center Karachi