St germain protection prayer

Aug 30, 2015 · In 1936, Saint Germain began revealing information about the Violet Flame to awakening Humanity. At that time, even the Lightworkers were able to withstand only the most gentle frequencies of this Sacred Fire. Saint Germain started by teaching Lightworkers how to use the Violet Flame’s gentle qualities of mercy, compassion, and forgiveness. Some organizations teach people to use the Violet Flame with pre-written prayers and affirmations that they need to memorize and say in the right order for them to work. Some of them are very complex and rhyme with much repetition. Saint Germain has always told me that the words are not so important. Carla Mary gives information on St. Germain, prayers, affirmations. This is a little bio that I found on Saint Germain from the internet: It was with this name that the mysterious adept became known in the European courts in the XVIII century. Daily Contemplative Prayer, Ascended Masters Prayer, Invocation Prayers, Ascended Master Jesus, Saint Germain, Violet Flame Purification, Prayer for Miracles, Prayer for Forgiveness, Prayer for the day.