Ib 2018 past papers

Question 1 (6 marks) in the 2018 November Maths SL Paper 1 Exam is a basic Trigonometry Questions where the shaded region of a circle sector is shown. The radius and the angle of the sector is given. Part (a) asks to find the area of the shaded region. Part (b) asks to find the perimeter of the non-shaded sector. Feb 05, 2019 · Solved FPSC Past papers of AD IB will be helpful in the preparation of you FPSC test . Preparation Material for the Post of FPSC Assistant Director (Intelligence Bureau) IB, International Baccalaureate maths tutorials for Mathematical Studies, Standard Level and Higher Level. ... Edexcel A-Level June 2018 Paper 1 Pure Maths Worked ... Section B Vector questions typically appear in 40% – 50% of IB Math HL Past Papers (Paper 1 or Paper 2) however students aiming for a 5,6 or a 7 in this exam will need to be strong in vectors. See video solutions for step by step working.